architensions translates classical architecture into a coachella playground

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southern california’s playground: reference to antiquity


At this weekend’s opening of Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, eleven installations transformed the huge desert internet site into a playful new landscape. With the colossal items ranging from of sculpture to architecture, one particular operate is outlined by its references to classical Rome — ‘The Playground’ was built by the staff at Architensions to merge the Italian piazza with the vibrancy of Southern California. 

image © Julian Bajsel | @jbajsel



the modular towers by architensions


With the Playground, Architensions (see extra below) delivers urbanity to the desertous Coachella Valley with a vibrant gesture. Led by Alessandro Orsini and Nick Roseboro, the studio produces a vertical metropolis fragment, responding to the one-story suburban sprawl across the Coachella Valley. 


The structure of the set up is informed by the historical past of leisure, which the crew investigated in depth. together with the broader human interaction with architecture. organized into a modular grid framework, the challenge requires condition as a grouping of 4 towers, ranging from 42 to 56 feet in peak and linked by sky-bridges.

coachella architensionsimpression © Lance Gerber | @lance.gerber



reflecting the colors of coachella


At Coachella (see additional listed here), Architensions builds every single of The Playground’s 4 towers as a stack of geometric designs. These block modules are playful and unique in their variety and color, and are completed in a dichroic film in possibly cyan, magenta, or yellow. The daring hues bathes the encompassing location in shade as the sun shines as a result of them. Meanwhile, other modules are concluded in a mirrored floor to festival-goers to interact with them. At night, these mirrored blocks glow with the light-weight of the bordering performances and pursuits of the celebration.

coachella architensions
image © Lance Gerber



a piazza in the desert


The layout of Architensions’ The Playground is a translation of cultural references such as the classical arches of Roman architecture into the Coachella Valley context. Italianate is the centerpiece, or the piazza. This 174-by-104-foot general public sq. marks the intersection of the four towers and introduces a semi-enclosed room in which site visitors can rest. 


As the group notes: ‘It’s a area for people today to assert their individual narrative — or else recognized as the fifth dimension of architecture: the knowledge.’

coachella architensions
graphic © Lance Gerber architensions translates classical roman architecture into a coachella playground
graphic © Lance Gerber