Michigan agriculture department proposes exterior firewood quarantine

GAYLORD — The Michigan Section of Agriculture and Rural Development is proposing a quarantine on exterior firewood to prevent the introduction of undesirable pests and illnesses into the condition.

Under the proposal, firewood delivered into Michigan would have to be certified as warmth treated at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for at the very least 60 minutes.

Kiln-dried lumber and wooden chips smaller sized than a single inch and logs or wooden transported from out-of-state sources specifically to mills and other services for speedy processing would be exempt.

Over 140 pests and ailments can be moved by firewood, including Asian prolonged-horned beetle, mountain pine beetle and spotted lanternfly. These pests are not recognized to exist in Michigan but could be accidentally brought into the condition by travelers transporting firewood, the department (MDARD) explained.