SKROZ architecture’s eco pig farm redefines prevalent livestock areas

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an different eco-farm for the black Slavonian pig


Next the ‘chickenville’, an eco-friendly poultry farm in Croatia, Zagreb-dependent studio SKROZ architecture has done an eco-farm for the black Slavonian pig — an autochthonous Croatian breed. The entire design is centered on the optimization of the breeding method and accommodation for the pigs, all the when having into account both human and animal scales.


The ultimate composition combines the rural Slavonian context with the regular farm properties, going just one step further from the regular alternatives that see a small-rise creating with livestock areas and a passage in the middle. Rather, the design group eradicated the central route and established an elevated gallery which, apart from accessing the stalls, serves to store animal bedding and feed. Hence, the use of place is rationalized and the breeding course of action optimized although reducing the disturbance of the pigs.

The construction largely serves as ventilation and security from the solar but also reinterprets the geometry of wooden façades on a lot of vernacular properties in Slavonia

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city concept and organization 


The temporary was to style a farm in accordance to the greatest benchmarks of natural and organic livestock farming. On top of that, the style team was also needed to forecast a opportunity farm enlargement in circumstance the potential increases in the future. The steady would mostly be supposed for calendar year-spherical housing of sows (feminine pigs with piglets) with smaller outdoor pens, when the other pigs would continue to be in the secure only for the duration of the coldest portion of the year. Provided the demands of the pigs, a common disposition of the stables founded by itself in close proximity to the western boundary line. this way, it avoids the county street on the eastern boundary and tends to make the most of the outside location for pigs. 


Using the aforementioned specifications into thought, the ultimate venture consists of two equivalent complexes, just about every with a cross-segment of the building’s most height on the central axis. The stables are positioned at an angle, which varieties farmyards with a manure pit in the middle, letting for clean conversation to the pens and much easier manipulation of assistance motor vehicles. In addition, the need to have to transport the animal bedding has been eliminated, as it is prepared to retail outlet it in the exact building. An additional key aspect of the venture was the adaptability to a variety of scenarios of use. The architects so made movable partitions that provide to minimize or enlarge the areas dependent on the needs of the animals. SKROZ architecture's eco pig farm in Croatia redefines common livestock spaces



 a regular construction developed with contemporary touches 


The pitched roof panes have been dislocated in the ridge, letting further normal mild enter in and ventilation operate as a result of the corridor. The extension of the roof pane shaped an eave overhanging the outside spot for the sows with their piglets. As for materiality, SKROZ architecture opted for resilient components appropriate for animals who are fond of rooting, digging, and biting. With this in intellect, a concrete quantity with galvanized metal partitions was picked for the base, on which the wood structure rests, and lastly, all is topped by the roof that takes advantage of common flat tiles. Apart from the bare operate, the look of the structures is informed by the context of the rural Slavonian area, which is seen in the roof geometry, the panes masking, the elements, and the method of dealing with the façade.


The permeability of the façade is not the result of the components but is offered by its geometry. A collection of wood laths of neighborhood oak positioned diagonally in two directions kind a mesh of void and strong that defines the composition. With this reinterpretation of wood façades geometry — identified on numerous vernacular outbuildings in the region — the architects aimed to develop productive air flow and security from the sunlight, but also to connect present-day expectations with the region’s designed heritage.



SKROZ architecture's eco pig farm in Croatia redefines common livestock spaces
The sequence of wood laths of Slavonian oak with interchangeable full and empty fields in two diagonal instructions and two plans develop a distinctive composition