Specialist guidelines on dos and don’ts of kitchen area decor to catch the attention of abundance

Ensure that the Kitchen is not previously mentioned or beneath a toilet. Food stuff is symbolic of abundance. And bathroom placement over or below the kitchen area can interfere with this abundance.

Do not screen knives and scissors. Normally keep them in the drawer.

Even though coming up with the kitchen area, make sure that your back is not to the doorway while you prepare dinner.

Rice and flour should really not be put in the plastic jars. This can reduce the abundance luck for the home. Always position these in metallic containers.

Nearly anything that is chipped or damaged or not in a operating problem should really be removed from the kitchen area as this can carry negative luck to the spouse and children.

All foods objects that are way previous their expiry will have to also be thrown away as they can have a inclination of bringing negative wellbeing to the spouse and children. A single need to thoroughly spring clear the kitchen, every single number of months, to get rid of anything that suits the earlier mentioned description.

Do not at any time have a mirror in the kitchen. A mirror reflecting the hearth can bring legal battles to the family.

And and lastly, do not go to bed with a filthy kitchen area and utensils nevertheless in the sink. A clear kitchen area is usually an invitation to Goddess Lakshmi in the household.

This write-up has been published by Rashi Gaur, Global Marketing consultant & Specialist – Astrology, Numerology, Vastu & Feng Shui

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